Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lilly is in training

I love that Lilly wants to be like her Daddy. Ever since Ryan and I both got into running Lilly has been asking to run. Ryan has taken her a few times and she does really well. Our little town is having a smart run for little kids. It is just a half mile route. We signed Lilly up and she is so excited for her big race this Saturday. Because I am nearly 7 months pregnant I had to put my running shoes away for awhile but Ryan has been helping Lilly get ready.
Stretching before a run is very important.
Can't for get to stay hydrated!
I can't wait for her race on Saturday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kids Bowl Free!

My friend told me about this great program called Kids Bowl Free. Kids can sign up for 2 free games of bowling everyday all summer long. For an extra $25 the parents can both enjoy bowling all summer long. We decided to do it and we have loved it so far! The girls love going to the bowling ally. They are so cute and dance around the whole time.
I just love my little family!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We were so lucky to have my parents come visit the first part of May. I had been counting down the days until they came. I am so lucky to have such a close relationship with both my parents. I love the encouragement and uplift they bring. They just brighten my world.

As part of their visit we decided to take a trip to Nauvoo IL. My Dad had never been there and with us living only 5 hours from there it was something we have been wanting to do ever since we moved here nearly 3 years ago.

The girls were packed in and ready to go Monday morning when Kate complained of her ear hurting. Just the day before I had taken her to an urgent care clinic because she had been complaining that her ear hurt. They said her ears were fine but I know in my heart they were not.
Kate fell asleep on the drive. When she woke she was not a happy campier. Her ear was draining a lot of fluid and you could tell she did not fell well. I tried to just give her ibuprofen and survive it.

We made it to Nauvoo (finally! I don't recommend road trips when you are 6 months pregnant). We got checked into our hotel, went swimming and got set for our next day of adventures.

The church offers free guided tours of Nauvoo. It was the perfect way to see old Nauvoo. The girls loved the horse drawn wagons we got to ride in.

The Nauvoo Temple is just beautiful. I tried to imagine how hard it was for the early saints to pack up and leave their beautiful temple behind.
After spending sometime in old Nauvoo we decided to head to Carthage to see the church sight there. Seeing the Carthage jail was a humbling experience for me. I have a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith but this just strengthened it.

On the way back to Nauvoo Kate had had enough of her ear infections. She was not happy at all. (I had tired to call my pediatrician for some meds for Kate. She said she did not feel that it was an ear infection just some ear wax drainage. I was so frustrated!) We found a small walk in clinic in town. They looked at Kate's ear and it was clearly infected. We finally got some meds for Kate. I was so relieved knowing that Kate would be out of pain soon.

Our last day in Nauvoo was filled with fun for the girls. We took them to the pioneer games area. Lilly loved dressing up and playing house.

Kate loved the pioneer games there. It was nice that Kate was finely happier. A sick kid in pain is no fun.
Our last stop was the black smiths shop. Lilly just loves her ring they made for her out of a nail.
Despite Kate being sick we had a great time in Nauvoo. It was great to be with family and be reminded of all the early saint gave up for the truth of the gospel. They had so much faith and perseverance.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The party!

Saturday May 7th Lilly had her 4 year old Birthday party. She wanted a princess (and prince) party. We kicked things off by having everyone decorate their own crown.
Next it was time for games. Grandma taught them how to play one potato two potato. They also had a bean bag toss and pin the crown on princess Ariel.

One of Lilly's big requests was to have a pinata. It was somewhat of a chilly day but we made it work.

Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head. What do you wish this person with a bump on the head!
(The kids had never played such a game when opening presents. It was a classic when I grew up.)
Lilly really wanted a cake with a crown on it. So my mom helped me make this cake for Lilly. I love the way it turned out. (It tasted great as well.)
Well Lilly's birthday celebrations finally came to an end. She had such a great day. I was exhausted. I am so proud of my Lilly and the amazing girl she is!

Lilly's the big 4!

This year our princess Lilly got to celebrate her birthday twice! We celebrated her actually birthday on May 1st and then she had her party May 7th. Lilly was so excited to turn 4. She had been talking about it for months. Most of her friends are 4 and she really wanted to be the same age as them.

Lilly started out her morning by requesting a tea party even before breakfast. Ryan was a good sport and complied.
Lilly is wearing her birthday hat I made her this year. Every year I make the girls a new birthday hat.
After breakfast and a quick change we let Lilly open some gifts.
This is how Kate felt about Lilly getting gifts.
Lilly was kind and tried to let Kate help just a little.
When we asked Lilly what she wanted to eat for her birthday lunch she quickly replied "shrimp". Lilly really loves shrimp!
Later that day Lilly and I decorated her cake together. She choose a strawberry cake with strawberry filling and a butter cream frosting. It was delicious!
We had a few friends over that night to help celebrate Lilly's Birthday and eat all that cake. It was a great day! Lilly can't wait for her party on Saturday when she thinks she will be really 4!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ballet Girl

On April 30th Lilly had her dance recital. She has been taking ballet for a year now and absolutely loves it! I love to see her confidence grow. She loves to be with friends and to perform on stage.

Kate was so proud of Lilly! During her recital she keep yelling "There's Lilly!" These two really do love each other.
Ryan was a proud daddy that day. He got Lilly the balloons and the lilies. Lilly was thrilled to have a lily flower.
My little girl is growing up. The next day she turned 4 years old. I just love the girl she is growing into.
Check out Lilly's dance video by clicking HERE!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


We had a great Easter even though the weather did not really cooperate. It has been such a cold and rainy spring. The girls had fun at Kletch park on Saturday finding Easter eggs. After meeting the Easter bunny Lilly turned to me and said "Mom she really should be resting for tonight." That is my Lilly always thinking.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny spoiled the girls. They had some much fun finding their eggs. Poor Lilly was not into the whole Easter thing. I thought she was just tired but later that night had a fever. I had no idea she was coming down with a cold. I felt bad that we had exposed our friends to her cold that night when we had a fabulous Easter dinner with the Jacksons, Sessions and Bates. We are so lucky to have great friends to spend holidays with.
Lilly and Kate chilling on the couch with their new princess cups.