Saturday, April 14, 2012


Easter morning with the girls in their Easter dresses. 
 It is so hard to get a picture these days with everyone looking. 
 Our family. (Not the best picture of all of us but we were all together.)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Fun

I can't believe Easter is already here. This time of year always seems to fly by for me. 
My mom sent the girls a Easter package. In it was clothes, crafts, mini kites and these chocolate bunnies that my girls just LOVED.

 This afternoon went went to an easter egg hunt at Kletzsch Park in Milwaukee. We have gone to this hunt for the past 4 years. It was sad to think that this was our last time. The girls always have such a great time. (Thanks mom for the cute matching outfits.)

 Side note: I think I have created monsters... Kate was very specific on how she wanted her hair today. It had to be in two pony tails then braided with pink flowers (even though she was wearing purple. She did not want purple flowers because pink is her favorite color.) Wow, I love doing their hair but now they are getting demanding on how it must be done.
 My happy little Emmy and I. She is such a trooper and has fun no matter where she is or what nap she is missing!
 Our family.
 LIlly was the only brave one to sit on the Easter bunnies lap. Kate wanted nothing to do with her.
 My girls with our friends the sessions. We have gone to this hunt every year together!
Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Cuddling

In my family growing up we loved to cuddle. Still to this day when I go home I always find myself climbing into bed with my parents to cuddle. Now that I am a mother of three (I still can't believe it) I am so glad my girls love to cuddle. 
Life has been busy busy lately. I have so many projects on my plate. Lots and lots of sewing. We are preparing for Ryan to graduate and move to New Mexico. Packing is always looming. Ryan's birthday is right around the corner with Lilly and then Kate's to follow. And yet I am glad I can take a moment and just cuddle my most precious.