Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines 2010

Ryan and I have never really done much to celebrate valentines day in years past but this year we decided to take some time and hang out together. Two of Ryan's class mates came to watch the girls and we headed out to enjoy a fabulous brunch in our little town of Cedarburg. It was such a beautiful day on Sat. the 13th. February 13th is an important date for Ryan and I. Eight years ago Ryan and I went out on our first blind date. I still remember that date just like it was yesterday.

We have been wanting to try this little restaurant in town called Cream & Crepe Cafe. It is a cute little cafe that was once an old mill. The cafe looks out over the river that runs through town.

After our brunch we took a stroll through Cedarburg. The town was having their annual Winter Festival. The stress were lined with ice carvers. At the community center they offered camel rides and a petting zoo for the kids. We loved walking the streets together shopping and talking without juggling the girls.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A fabulous Christmas a little late.

Christmas was again fabulous this year. We had three Christmas's which may seem like a pain but I say why not spread Christmas out to last as long as possible. Our first Christmas was in our little apartment in Wisconsin the day before we left for Utah.
Kate was the first up of course. (Kate is not a good sleeper and it up way to much.) She got to the presents first and was eating the bows by the time Lilly finally woke.

Lilly and Kate are becoming such good little friends. Lilly was sure to show Kate how everything worked on her activity table and Kate just loves when Lilly is around.
Next it was off to Utah. We spent the first part of our trip with Ryan's parents. Lilly loved hanging out playing play doh and make gingerbread houses.

Christmas number 2 came at Grandma Patty's and Grandpa Richard's house. I was surprised at how excited Kate was about opening her presents. Even though it was her first Christmas she was totally into it. Of course she loved eating the wrapping paper the most. Lilly was thrilled to get more stuff to go in her doll house.
Our 3 rd and final Christmas was at my parents house. What a magical Christmas it all was. It is so much more fun to see Christmas through the eyes of my girls.

Lilly was so happy to finally have her tea set she had been asking for. Papa was a good sport to play tea party with her. I think he really like it!

Well our trip was very busy running here and there trying to see all our friends and family. Ryan and I both love to be on the go. Utah was great this year. It was warm some days and we had the most beautiful snow other days. I was glad Ryan got a chance to go skiing and ice fishing. I got to do a small bit of shopping with my mom and got to see my family. Well here is to a fabulous 2010!