Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was busy just like every other year but great just the same. We had a small Christmas in our little place in Wisconsin on Dec 18. Later that day we were off to Utah and Santa thought some of the gifts would be better in Wisconsin.
The girls were very excited!
That afternoon we got on our flights to Utah. Lilly is a great flyer. She loves the whole experience always has. Kate on the other hand does not like to be restricted to on area. She started to fuss and the most amazing flight attendant came to us and said we could let her play at the back of the plane. Kate was in heaven opening all the little doors and exploring. Lilly even got to get into the action.

Our flight attendant had Lilly sit in his jump seat and pose with a glamour magazine. Lilly even got to say hello to everyone over the speaker.

In Utah we stayed with both sets of grandparents. Lilly loved making gingerbread houses with Grandma Patty and her cousins Sierra and Tristan.
We even found time to do a little sledding. The girls loved it!
The girls loved cooking and playing with Grandma Lois.
Cute cousins! Lilly loved playing with her cousin Madison. They were like to peas in a pod.
Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house. It was fun to have both my brothers and their kids there.
We watched Mr Krueger's Christmas on Christmas Eve. Have you ever seen it? I had not watched it in years. I was so struck by the scene where he goes to see the baby Jesus. He thanks him for always being there for him. He says he has always been able to hold his head high because Jesus has always been with him even through the tough times. So many of his words were just what I would want to say to the Savior. It really helped me remember why we have Christmas.
It was so fun to have my brother KC and his wife Amber and son Easton join us for the magic of Christmas morning.
Easton got a train set or "choo". He was so cute with it.
Over the rest of the break we were able to squeeze in Lilly's first ski trip. She absolutely loved it!
Lilly got a play doh dental kits from Santa. She loves playing with it with daddy. She now wants to be a mommy and a girl dentist.
Lilly also got to have her first sleep over with her cousin Madison.
Christmas break was great. It is always nice to see family and make great memories together!