Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Lilly

Yep this is my little Lilly growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. This is her preschool photo. She loves preschool! I was hesitant to put her in school already. She seems so young but she has just loved it. It is only 2 1/2 hrs a day twice a week. Perfect for me and her. She loves the structure it gives our days and to be able to look forward to something. I rarely post just about one of my girls but this one is dedicated to Lilly.

She loves...
To write her name and do what she calls school work. (Practicing writing letters and numbers)
To play pretend and loves to go on her own adventures all around the house.
To be a helper and check on her little sister.
Kate and really wants another brother or sister.
Art and coloring.
Her daddy. She gets so thrilled when Ryan comes home.
To be outside. Lilly could live outside. She loves the dirt, bugs and the freedom.

Lilly can't wait to be big and grown up. Every morning she asks me if she looks any bigger. She will say " I did a lot of growing last night." I wish I could get her to understand that life is so great right now and being big in not always fun. She often tells me she want to be big so she can be a girl dentist and a mommy.

Basically Lilly is fantastic and I can't believe how truly blessed I am that I get to be her mother!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This year we celebrated Halloween for an entire week. The girls loved being able to dress up so many times. We had a Care bear and a Kitty this year. Kate loved her costume so much that sometime she would take it to nap with her.

On Monday we went trick or treating at the Medical College of Wisconsin. It is so nice that the med school does trick or treating. The girls got a ton of candy and we did not have to get cold and go from house to house.
Kate is so independent. I really think she thinks she is 3 years old. She walked the entire time and wanted to hold her own bag even though it got pretty heavy.

Lilly also had a Halloween party at her dance class. It was fun watching all the girls dance in their costumes.

Then Lilly got to dress up for her preschool party. Have I mentioned how much Lilly really loves preschool.

On Friday night our friends the Gabors threw the best Halloween party. Ryan and I even dressed up. Ryan as Mr. Clean and me as a french maid.

My girls love to dance! Good thing their daddy is a good dancer as well.

Saturday we went to the zoo for "Boo at the Zoo". It was a ton of fun. More trick or treating and seeing the animals what more could you ask for?

After church on Sunday we finally got to carving our pumpkins. Lilly thought it was fun until you had to get your hands yucky and then she just supervised.

Kate is at such a fun aged. She is cracking us up all the time!
After dinner we had friends come over for home made scones. I love having people over and cooking!
Happy Halloween!