Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lilly's first day of Preschool

Well my baby is growing up! Lilly was so excited for school this year. She is attending a private Lutheran School. I love how she always comes home talking about Jesus.

She wanted a picture in front of her cubbby.
Lilly with her best buddy Miles. She has already told me she is going to marry Miles.
These are two of Lilly's buddy from last year (Henry and Josephine). She was very excited that they were in her class this year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Incase there was any doubt.... I am crazy!

On August 13 we decided to pack up and head to Utah. I am not sure why we felt we must go but we did feel that we must go. Emma was just 12 days old. We pack the car and set out for the 27 hours car trip. We drove (or Ryan drove) straight through the night and made it safely to Utah for Sunday dinner at my parents. It was so great to see family and introduce them to our new little Emmy.
Lilly and Madie are the best little cousin friends. They just squealed when they saw each other.
Let the crazy times begin!
Grandma Lois had a magic rabbit that would hide and the girls had a blast find him in different places in the garden.
Lilly had been wanting to see the "Utah Temple" as she calls in. (Salt Lake Temple) So my brother Cody and his family joined us. Madie in Lilly were in heaven to be together.
Sweet little Cash and Kater.
Uncle KC met us after work. It was so fun to be with my brother and their families.
As soon as we decided to head to Utah Ryan found a Tri-athlon that he could do there.
This one was at Utah lake.
My hottie husband before the race!

Lilly and Emmy cheering their daddy on!
Ryan did a amazing job! I love my triathlete!
The girls had a blast fishing with Papa!

Swimming at the neighbors.

Always playing. Jump ropes make great Repunzel hair.
My cute nephew Easton
My other cute nephew Cash

And just like that we were packed up and ready to head back to Wisconsin.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am so grateful for my 3 beautiful girls! Lilly and Kate just LOVE Emmy and she is such a sweet addition to our family! I always wanted a close sister and I am glad they will have eachother.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emma's first week and my birthday

Just 3 days after being home from the hospital I was ready to get out of the house. I love Bay Beach Park which is a small amusement park in Green Bay. We packed the girls up and headed up there. It was so fun to still have my mom in town to help.
Alot of the rides are small and perfect for the girls. They only cast .25 so they can ride as many of them as they want.
Kate really wanted to ride on the ferris wheel. Ryan took her on it. Look close and you will see little Kate.

Grandma with the girls!
Here is proof that Emmalyn and I were there. I didn't really feel like having many pictures of me taken.
The next week my mom did all kind of fun things with Lilly and Kate. I hate messes so the girls loved being able to finger pant with grandma.

Grandma cookies are the best!
Ryan can do it all!
It was so nice that Emma was born in the summer time because the girls could play outside all day. This year they really loved riding their scooters.
My girls have been so lucky to have great friends while we are living here. They also loved to catch butterflies together.
Ryan put a "surprise" BBQ together for me for my birthday. Emma was only a week old here.

This is the cake the girls picked for me.
Ryan did a great job of putting everything together. My girl friends also helped him remember the little things like plates and forks. Thanks to everyone who brought a dish. It was a great birthday.
Sadly all good things come to an end. It was hard to say goodbye to my mom. I loved having here for nearly two weeks.