Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone! I love Halloween. It has been hard this year because I have been sick but I pretended that I wasn't today and we had a great time. The weather was awsome here. It got into the upper 60's. We went trick or treating at the Bayshore Mall. Lilly loved trick or treating and even started saying thank you after they gave her the candy. She could not wait though. She wanted to eat all the candy as soon as they put it in her bag. Well here are a few great shots we got.

Lilly needed a pre trick or treating snack.

Me and my baby. (She does not look like a baby anymore.)

Lilly got to do most of her trick or treating from her stroller which she loved!

A small pumpkin patch where Lilly got to pick a pumpkin.

Scary decorations at the mall.

Small clip of Lilly meowing and signing. She is so tried of us asking her what a kitty says.

Oh and one more thing....

I want to tell Ryan how much I love him. I have been pretty useless this week and he has just stepped in and helped me so much. He is a great father and husband. The poor guy only got one hour of sleep last night because he had a big test today. He could have come home and just went to sleep. Instead he helped me get Lilly ready, went trick or treating, hung out with our friends and even helped me get Lilly to bed! (Oh and did I mention he had a good attitude the whole time.) I could not ask for anything more. I am so proud of how hard he works at his schooling and how much he tries to be a great father and husband.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A visit from my mom!

I know I should have posted these pictures days ago. I don't know why it has taken me that long. I wish I could say I have been really busy doing all kinds of fun and important stuff. Away we had such a great visit with my mom. She has such a way of making me feel like everything is okay. Her excitement has made me look at Milwaukee in a new light. Thanks mom for helping me see the positive in every situation!

Of course we took my mom to the local zoo. Lilly loved showing her all the "anima" (animals).

This place was so cool because the bird are able to fly around and they do. Some of them are really big and I always get scared when they fly.

Lilly loves the elephants or "ella" as she calls them.

Next we did some shopping. I love shopping with my mom we always find the best deals. Sorry I did not take any pictures of us shopping.

Finally we rode the Metra to Chicago. It was so fun. Driving and parking in Chicago is a mess. Ryan and I were so excited that we found a better way to get there. Once you get into the city of Chicago they have several different free trolleys that take you to cool places all over the city.

Ryan and Lilly riding the Metra train to Chicago.

Here we are on a trolly.

Chicago river.

This was an awesome street performer. He would move when people would tip him.

Hershey store. They gave out the best samples!

Lilly stopping to check out the flowers.

Well that is are visit in a nut shell. I wish I would have taken more pictures of my mom and Lilly. I guess she will just have to come back again sometime. Our next big adventure will be driving to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving to see Ryan's brother and his wife and little boy. Then we will be headed to Utah for Christmas. I can't wait to see everyone.

Thanks again mom for the visit. I seem to be looking at this place a little differently now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Mom is coming today!

My Mom is coming today!! Hooray!! I can't believe today is finally here. The only thing that would make this visit better is that if all my family could have come. I really miss everyone (friends and family) sooooo much. Well I only have two months left and I will be home for Christmas. I can't wait to get a big hug from my dad, punch in the arm from my brothers and be able to catch up with everyone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our first fort

We were home all day on Sunday watching conference (or trying to) so Ryan and Lilly built a fork to keep themselves busy. Lilly's imagination is really starting to unfold. We are often favored with pretend soup. I loved playing make believe when I was a kid and I love going though all the imaginary stuff again with Lilly. Life seems so much simpler in a pretend world. While here are a few pictures of the fort.

Lilly's fort even had a small nursery for her baby.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Picking

On Saturday we visited a local apple orchard. They had some great apples and Lilly loved pointing out every apple she saw. On Sunday we made a lovely apple crisp that we shared with some friends of ours. The weather here changed. It has a fall chill in the air. While I love jacket weather I hate the cold. Hopefully we still have awhile before it gets really cold.

Lilly picked out her own little pumpkin as well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zoological Society

Well we are now officially Zoological Society Members at the Milwaukee County Zoo. We joined a week or so ago. Ever since Lilly was born Ryan has wanted to take her to the zoo. He would get so sad every time we would go to any zoo without him. So it was so great when we were finally be able to go together on Saturday. We had a lovely time at the zoo. It was the perfect weather for watching animals. We really like the Milwaukee zoo. The landscaping is beautiful and the animals have all been pretty active when we have been there. Oh and with my pass it gets me and one other adult in free. ( Children 2 and under are free.) So if anyone wants to visit I will take you to the zoo on me.

Lilly is really into wearing her hat and sun glasses. I tired to take them off when we went into the buildings but she did not want them off. I think she just likes being like her daddy.

Lilly kept telling the bear to go into the "Wawa!" but he did not listen.

I love this shot of Lilly and Ryan sitting and learning about bugs. I love the way she looks at Ryan. I think he could do no wrong in her eyes.

Lilly is signing what the goats are doing.

They have a great area where you can feed the goats. Ryan took Lilly in because I am a little afraid of them, and I don't like the way they smell. Lilly thought it was cool to pet them. I think she is confused though because she kept barking at them. I can see how they kind of look like my parents dog Allie. (correction I mean their dog Sarah! Maybe I have been gone to long already.)