Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you ready...

Are you ready for the big game on Sunday? Lilly is! Go Steelers!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Little Snowman

Lilly loves to sing the snowman song. I think it is so funny that anytime she says snow she wrinkles her nose in disgust. She gets that from me. I really don't like the snow. I just didn't realize that I wrinkled my nose every time I say snow. Kids pick up on everything you do. Anyway here are a few clips of her singing the snowman song. She had just finished dinner that is why she is sitting in her chair. I will have to get some better footage sometime.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lilly and Easton

This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Utah and I forgot to post it. Lilly just loved baby Easton. She loved holding him and rocking him. She did not like that I had to help her hold him though. It really gives me hope that she will love her new baby sister this May. Easton is such a cute baby who looks just like my brother KC. When we first arrived in Utah Easton was in the hospital because he was not able to keep his milk down. He had to have surgery. It was hard to see him all hooked up to machines and everything. He was released a few days later and started gaining weight. He filled out so much just in the short time we were there. Well Lilly just loved holding him. I loved holding him as well. I felt like I could not get enough of the sweet little guy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sister, Sister

Well the results are in.... Lilly is going to have a little sister. I am so excited that Lilly will have a sister to grow up with. More importantly our little girl seems to be totally healthy! We are sooooo excited for her to join our family!

Friday, January 9, 2009

McAffee Christmas vacation '08

We had a fabulous time in Utah in December. It was crazy getting there though. Ryan's appendectomy just days before left me pregnant and carrying most the bags. Then we had to run to make our connection and truly I thought I would not make it. Never fear we did make it and were so surprised to see not only my mom and dad but my brother Cody, sister in-law Megan, niece Madison and good friend Huey all there to greet us. It was great to see them and also great that they took all the bags. So we finally headed to my parents. Madie and Lilly had so much fun together. They played dress up with grandma. (They are both such princesses!)

Lilly and Madie having so much fun with uncle Cody.

We got to see Ryan's parents the next day which was great! (I was not good about taking pictures on this trip.) We had a busy first week trying to catch up with friends and family before everyone left for their own Christmas plans. We were sad to see Cody, Megan and Madie head to Texas. We were grateful for the time we did get with them. Utah was very snowy and cold that week. Although nothing like the cold we have here in Milwaukee.

Ryan's sister Alisa and her kids(Sierra and Tristan) came into town a few days before Christmas. It was great to head to Ryan's parents and be able to hang out. Lilly loves Tristan and Sierra. They were so great to her! On Christmas Eve we all went sledding together. I could not believe how much Lilly loved sledding. I of course was freezing but everyone had a great time.

Christmas was full of magic. This was the only day that Lilly decided to sleep in. I finally woke her up at 8:30. My brother KC and his wife Amber and their baby Easton joined us that morning. Honestly it was not the gifts that made Christmas it was just being able to see family. We have really missed our family and friends.

Lilly did finally get into to whole opening of the presents. She loves Elmo! He was a big hit this Christmas. We were very grateful for all the nice things we received.

The ball pit my mom got was a big hit as well! And yes my mom even climbed in to play with Lilly.

After Christmas morning at my parents we headed to our second Christmas at Ryan's parents. Lilly wanted to play with Sierra and Tristan more than open presents. Sierra and Tristan were great at helping Lilly open her gifts. She got so many lovely things including a baby in a back pack that she just loves. (I am almost ready to hide it for awhile because all day long I put the back pack on and off her) Once again sorry I don't have more or better pictures.

Christmas night was spent at Ryan's cousin Jen's house. It was great to see all the cousins and catch up with everyone.

Our three week trip was coming to an end by the time New Years came. We had a fun New Year's spent with Julie, my niece Nicole, her daughter Savannah, KC, Amber, baby Easton, my parents and some good friends. Lilly partied so hard it was the only night in Utah that she slept all through the night.

Well sadly our trip had to come to an end. I really did not want to leave and a part of me is still longing to be back home! It was so amazing to see everyone. Thanks for all the warm wishes and words of encouragement. We love you all.

Next year I am dedicated to take more and better pictures. We had so many good times that we just did not capture. Until next year.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Breaking News!

I am not sure how breaking this news is anymore but... a new bundle of joy will be joining our family this May. That is right I am 19 weeks roughly 4 1/2 months pregnant. I waited to announce this because we did not tell the family of our news until we went to Utah for Christmas. I was 16 weeks then and I think they were surprised. Well thats our news!