Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lilly's Big Race

On June 4 Lilly ran in her first race. It was the "Smart Run" which benefits the Cedarburg school system. Lilly was so excited for her race. She made sure Ryan did plenty of training with her the week before.
Lilly is the little kid in the middle. She was one of the smallest kids there.
And their off!
Each kid got a medal at the finish.
Lilly with her friends Kenzie and Madison.
Post run stretch. Lilly had a great time. I hope she grows up loving exercise!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well look who is 2!

That is right my baby is now 2! It is amazing how fast the years fly by. Kate was very lucky in that we celebrated her birthday 3 times this year.
When my parents visited in the beginning of May we had a small family party for her.
Every year the girls get a new birthday hat.
Kate was spoiled by both set of grandparents! Kate had such a bad ear infection at the time and was kind of grumpy. She was very happy though when she got to open presents.
On her actual birthday June 2 we celebrated all day long. She got candles in her breakfast. She loves candles!
That night we went to dinner. Kate loved the brownie they gave her for her birthday. It was hard to sneak a bite.
Our last celebration was the next day June 3. We had a big BBQ with some of our amazing friends here. Kate loves having friends over. In fact it is usually the first thing she asks for in the morning.
When picking out her birthday cake, Kate insisted on getting one with a baby carriage. She loves playing with her babies. She is going to be a great big sister!
Things I love about Kater:
She is very independent. Loves to be a big kid.
She is very loving. She loves to give hugs and cuddle. She often says "I love you 200!"
She is very expressive and talkative. I am amazed at her vocabulary.
Kate is still a great napper. She sleeps 2 plus hours at nap time.
Kate loves to play in the water.
Kate loves to dance and sing. All the time!
Kate is generally happy happy. She loves to be silly and laugh.
Kate loves to ride her bike and scouter.

Kate is a ray of sunshine with lights in her eyes! I just love that I get to be her mother.

Memorial Day

I just love holidays. I love the parades, hanging with my family and friends and all the good times that happen around holidays. This year for memorial day we went to the local parade with our friends the Poulsen's.
Kate has decided her favorite part is the drums!
The rest off Memorial Day was spent cooking ribs for a rib cook off. The guys tended to their ribs for hours while they ladies hung out and watch the kiddos run through the sprinklers.
It was finally time for the judging. As wives we were tasked with picking a winner. It was such a hard choice. They were all amazing!
Brian ended up winning the contest and Ryan got second. We have a trophy that gets passed from each person when they win.
I was so surprised that the kids even loved the ribs!
We are so very lucky to have so many wonderful friends living so close to us.