Saturday, July 31, 2010


We are lucky to have great farms and orchards so close to us. Lilly saw her favorite cartoon friend "Caillou" go strawberry picking and she has been asking to go ever since. At the end of June I finally took the girls strawberry picking before the season was over. Let me just say we had a blast! Kate thought they looked so good that she just could not resist and kept eating them. She also kept throwing them back almost as fast as I could pick them. Lilly got the vision and was a great little strawberry picker.

Lilly was very proud of our strawberries. Everyone that came by got to see our strawberries. Kate was not so helpful. She was trying to put them back the whole time.

Proud Lilly!
Kates favorite part of the whole thing was the dog that was there. She really loves animals. It was hard to get her to say good bye to the dogie.

Friday, July 30, 2010

High Cliff Triathlon

I am a little back blogged. Back in June Ryan completed his first triathlon. I was so extremely proud of him. Two years ago Ryan started talking about and researching triathlons. Honestly I never thought he would actually do it. Not that I didn't have faith in him but it was a tall order. I just couldn't see it happening. Well June 19 2010 Ryan did it! He completed a 1/4 miles swim. (With the choppy water he ended up running through the water rather than swimming most of it.) Then was a 22 mile bike trek. And he finished things off with a 5k (with a good size hill). What an accomplishment! We stayed the night before the race in Appleton WI. Needless to say the kids did not sleep well in the hotel and we were up most the night. We then got up bright and early because Ryan had to be to the race by 5:30 am.

Here he is after getting painted with his numbers 1082. (I guess this is to be able to identify him).

Supportive and proud family.

Ryan's home teaching companion and friend Nate did the triathlon with him.
Ryan pumped and ready for the swim.

Swim completed now time for a bike ride.
22 mile bike ride done.
Time to start running. They had to run up a huge hill. I would not have made it!

The finish line! I have to say I was nearly in tears when Ryan came across the line. He had been training and working for this for a long time. He has lost 63 pounds. He is so dedicated to his training. It has really helped me lose my weight. He completed the race in 1 hour 46 minutes. (His goal was 2 hours)

Congratulation Ryan! I am so sorry I ever doubted you. You are amazing and dedicated!