Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afternoon stroll

Some days I think it is never going to get warm here. My girls are starting to go crazy always being inside. Yesterday Lilly had this great idea to take her baby for an afternoon walk. She really wanted to walk her baby into town and to the park but settled for just a walk around our apartment complex. They were both so happy to be outside but with a high in the low 30's we were not out long.
I hope spring gets here soon so we can spend many more days outside!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break '11

We started off Ryan's spring break by taking the girls to the children's museum. They were so excited!
Lilly fishing.
Kates favorite thing there is to drive the train. She could spend all day there!
It was so nice to have Ryan around. One day we treated ourselves to ice cream.

One of the little girls in Lilly's dance class is moving so they did their recital piece early for all the parents to see. I can't wait to see her recital in May!

It was great that Ryan got to join us and see Lilly dance.
In the middle of the week the whole family got to go with me to an ultra sound appointment. We found out that we will have baby girl #3 join our family this August. We were a little shocked because both Ryan and I thought it was going to be a boy. We are happy to complete our family with a another baby girl!
(She did not feel like having her picture taken so we did not get very good ultra sound pictures.)

I wanted to do some outlet shopping and the Jelly Belly factory happens to be close by so everyone was happy that day.

We finished the week by taking the girls to the zoo. They absolutely love the zoo! They also loved the new tractors there that you can pretend to drive.
No trip to the zoo would be complete without a ride on the train!
On Sunday Lilly and Ryan grilled up some fish and vegetables. Lilly loves cooking with her daddy.
We love when we get to spend time with Ryan. He was exhausted by the end of most days. It made me happy that he got to see what it is like being home with the girls each day. I love being a stay at home mom but I will admit it can be a challenge at times.
I can't believe we only have one more spring break before Ryan is done with dental school. The years seem to be flying by.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Surviving January and February

In January and February it seemed all we could do is survive! I have been so sick with this pregnancy. More sick than I ever was with Lilly or Kate.(The baby is due the first week of August) I spent a lot of time on the couch. My poor girls watched more TV than I care to mention and Ryan had to help out a lot around the house. I think I am finally past the worst of it and now I spent my days playing catch up and trying to get my house back on track.

The girls learned how to lounge on the couch and the joy of staying in your pj's all morning.
Ryan and Lilly started to do more cooking together!
We had some good snow storms that cancelled school. I didn't mind having Ryan home for an extra day but I am sick of the snow.
(Lilly and Kate are in the pink our friend McKenzie is in the blue.)

It seems as though Kate has grown up over night. She is no longer a baby that is for sure! She talks in sentences, wants to do everything herself (she says "I do it!) and is a light in our family.
Lilly is a great big sister (most of the time). She loves playing with Kate and loves to be my helper. She is LOVING preschool and I can't believe all that she is learning. She is so excited for the new baby to come. She says she can't wait to be a bigger big sister.
Lilly earned a trip to McDonald's. She has a sticker chart and if she goes to bed and sleeps all night she gets a sticker. After three and a half years she is finally constantly sleeping through the night. I can't believe it. I thought this day may never come.

We love going to the play area at our local mall. The girls love to run around and get all their wiggles out. Kate loves the fish there. I think she thinks they are her friends.
Lilly's favorite thing is to pretend that she is fishing. After she catches the fish she cooks them up and we all have a great feast!

We have had lots of puzzle time. The girls are getting really good at putting all of our puzzles together. You have to be in proper puzzle doing position.
(On your tummy, legs in the air!)
Kate showing how goofy she is.
We love our local Children's Museum. It is also great to have friends to go with. Thanks Poulsen girls!
And finally in February Lilly had a field trip with her preschool. They went to a critter supply and got to see and touch all kinds of animals.

Well I am not going to lie. I am so glad that January and February are over. I am dying for warmer weather and days where we can play outside. I can't wait to find out on March 17th if a baby girl or boy will be joining our family. I also can't believe that Ryan is completing his third year of dental school. We have started talking of where we want to go from here. My biggest requirement is somewhere warmer and closer to family.

Happy March everyone!