Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer is over?

Oh where did the summer go? Ryan and I were talking the other night about how much we love summer time here in Wisconsin. We were sad to realize that next summer will be our last here. I never thought I would be sad at the thought of his schooling coming to an end but I am a little. There is a certain sense of safety in school. Now we have to start making some big life changing decisions. But we did have a fabulous summer. Here are some highlights that I have not posted before.

The Ozaukee County Fair is held in our little Cedarburg every every. It is the best! It is free to get into and they have some cute things for the kids to do.
This year they had a sand box full of corn kernels. Lilly could not get enough of it. We visited it several times.

It was hard to get Kate to understand it was not to eat. She finally got it though.
Another higlight at the county fair for Lilly was getting to help the magician with his magic show. She and her friend Macie were picked to help with a special magic trick. The girls were laughing so hard that in the middle of the trick Lilly looked for me and says "Mommy I really have to go pee!" and she ran off stage. We got her to the potty fine but it was so funny! The magician gave her a million dollar bill for helping. Lilly was thrilled!

Bay Beech Park oh how I love thee!
Bay Beech is a small amusement park in Green Bay. The ride are only .25 each and there is no entrance fee. The day we went was a little overcast so it was not busy at all. The girls were able to get on each ride with little to no wait which was perfect! Kate was not so sure about the rides. AT first she would love the ride but then as she went around and could not see us she was a little unsure. It was the cutest thing! Lilly had so much fun with her friend Miles!
The merry go round was the favorite ride for sure!

Our summer also include lots of swimming. Lilly took her first swimming lessons at the local pool. We spent many days playing there.

We also went swimming at a near by lake with our friends Jodee, Brooke and Rachel. I am so glad my girls love the water almost as much as I do!
Oh how I love summer! Of course our summer ended with a trip to Utah. Hopefully I can get to posting that soon.