Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break '10

We had such a fabulous Spring Break this year. We did not end up going to Utah instead we stayed around here.
The first weekend of spring break we hang out at our local park just around the corner from our apartment. It was barely warm enough to be out.

On Monday we went to "Just 4 Fun" which is a fabulous indoor park in the next town over called Grafton. For a long time we were the only family there and Lilly did not have to share a single toy. She loved it! I loved it because it was easy to keep track of her and I got to relax a bit.
Have I ever mentioned how much Lilly loves her Daddy and wants to be just like him? She was so excited when we found this Brewers jersey at TJ Maxx that is just like her Daddy's. It has become her favorite shirt.
Kate is such a happy little girl. I always say she has little lights in her eyes that just brighten everything!
On Tuesday we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory located in Pleasant Prairie WI. They offer a free little tour and history lesson on the Jelly Belly jelly bean. They also have a free sample station.

Lilly loves to entertain us no matter where we are. She put on an interpretive dance show for us.

The day could not be complete without stopping at a different park in our little town.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
The next three days we spent in Chicago. I found a great deal on hotel rooms right in the heart of downtown Chicago. It was the nicest hotel I think I have ever stayed in and the cheapest rate I have ever paid as well.

We went ahead and sacrificed our healthy eat for a tradition Chicago hotdog. Man, was it good!

After our meal we hit the streets of Chicago!
We took a short bus ride over to the Lincoln Park area. Chicago offers a free zoo and conservatory.

We got lucky in that the museum in Lincoln Park was also free that day. Our favorite part was the butterfly exhibit.

That night we found ourselves in the middle of an anti-war protest. Try explaining what that is to a two year old. When Lilly saw the flag she said "We always put our hand over or heart." I was proud that she knew that.

Well I have no pictures of Saturday because we spent that day sleeping and recovering. The girls had so much fun in the hotel but that did not include a lot of great sleeping.

I want to mention Kate had many first this week. Her first bus ride, first taste of Chicago deep dish pizza, first pony tail and her first real steps! That girl is walking every where now.

Well spring break had to come to an end. The girls needed their routine back (and so did I). Ryan needed to get back to his studies. Good thing Easter is right around the corner and that means Easter break!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A dentist

A few weeks ago I was Ryan's first ever comp exam patient. It was a little weird at first to have him poking around in my mouth. I don't really like going to the dentist. (Who does?) But I decided to let Ryan because there is no one that I trust more. He did a great job! In two years if anyone is looking for a dentist I would totally recommend him.

Lilly and Kate got to come hang at the school while Ryan worked on my teeth. Lilly loves seeing daddy's school. Ryan's classmate Emily kept them busy while I was having my cleaning.