Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Time

Ryan turned the big 31 this year! Of course he had school that day but we were able to party at night. Lilly picked out this baseball cake for him at Costco.
I tried to surprise Ryan by having a bunch of friends stop by for cake and ice cream. He started getting a clue when he finally saw the big cake and I needed help decorating. I am just to tired these days to be able to pull it off by myself.
Of course it was not nice weather that day so we had to have the party inside. We had so many nice friends stop by. The house was defiantly full and Ryan had a great day!

Ryan's birthday always kicks off the birthday season at our house. The girls are so excited this year for their own parties to come.

Lets go fly a kite...

Lilly got a Tinker Bell kite for Christmas this last year. She has been so patient in waiting to fly it. Finally one Monday night it was nice enough and windy enough to give it a try. Tinker Bell did pretty good on her flights. The flights did not last that long because the wind was just not constant that day. But the girls had a blast just the same.
We are hoping to have even better luck with the kite at the beach this summer. That is if it ever becomes summer around here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potato Heads

I love Potato Heads! Lilly made these the other day all by herself. I was so happy that she kept herself busy long enough for me to make a blanket for the new baby.
Left to right:(In Lilly's words) Kate is the stinker who would not wear her shoes, next is Lilly with lip stick, then mamma she later added a bag to me because "mammas love bags", last Ryan.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Betty Brinn

We just love going to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum here. The girls are at such a fun age were they are more independent and know how to play and have fun.

Kate loves anything with wheels. She loves to drive the big truck there.
Lilly makes some of the goofiest faces lately when she smiles for the camera.
I think one of Lilly's favorite things to do is to pretend she is a post man. She gathers up all their pretend mail and delivers it all over the museum.
Kate pretending to take to grandma on the phone. She does a lot of laughing when she pretends to talk to grandma.
Lunch time is one our favorite things. Kate will only eat a sandwich if we are on a picnic. These are some friends that joined us at the museum.
The girls and I at craft time.
Time to be silly!

Kate was so focused on coloring her flower pot.

Kate found this light that just fascinated her. She ended up take her socks and shoes off because all she wanted to do is see the light on her foot. What a silly girl!
And of course they love to dance.

This will make Ryan happy. The girls love brushing the giant mouth.
I am so very grateful for the children's museum that gives us a place go as we wait for spring to come!