Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big girl pants and a bike

We got Lilly this bike for her birthday. We were worried about whether or not she would like it. I am not sure what we were worried about she loves it! She also loves her big girl pants. (One day she will be so embarrassed about this post) I think she is ready to be potty trained but being that I am days if not hours away from giving birth I am just not ready to tackle that right now. So Lilly gets to wear her big girl pants over her clothes and ride her bike. This makes her so happy! She also loves counting. She has this thing though were she does not always start with the number 1 and for some reason she never says the number 7. She is so funny about things.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look who is 2

Today we took Lilly to get her 2 year old pictures done. She was great in the photo shoot. She is looking so grown up to me.

Ryan and I were not really planning on being in the pictures with her. But we took a few okay ones.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lilly's 2nd Birthday

Wow Lilly is 2! Ryan and I can hardly believe it. It seems Lilly has grown up and changed so much even in the last week. She had such a fun birthday. On Friday we had lunch with Ryan. She was so excited because many times throughout the day she will say "I want daddy!". Then when Ryan got home she got to open her presents.

She was so excited to open presents but she really loved her bike. We let her ride it as long as we could before we went to dinner. She loves pizza so we went to a local Italian place for dinner.

Then on Saturday Lilly had a birthday party. She was so excited for her birthday party. She requested birthday balloons, birthday cake and none of it could happen with out her birthday hat. She was so happy the whole day. I am so grateful for the friends we have made here.

All about Lilly...

- She loves to cuddle with mama.
- She knows her colors.
- Loves to sing.
- Is good at expressing herself.
- Favorite food is pizza and pasta.
- Lilly could play outside all day every day.
- She hates bugs. (Just like her mama.)
- She often runs around the house exclaiming "I am running."
- If she wants me to pay attention to her she says "Look mama look!" over and over again.
- One of her favorite saying is "I like that!"
- She seems to have a great memory. (Not like her mama)
- Lilly loves to play in water.
- Helping mama is one of her favorite things.
- She is going to make a great big sister.

I am so grateful for my Lilly Girl. What joy she has brought to our lives.