Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Pics

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kater Smiles!!!

Here are some fun new pictures of Kate smiling. I love when I am trying to get her to sleep and she just looks at me and smiles!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July. I know the 4th was what weeks ago at this point but this is my life lately. Someday I will catch up and be on top of everything.

We had a fantastic 4th of July. It was by far my favorite 4th of July that I can remember. We started off the day by going to the local town parade. It was so fun! Ryan and I both got pretty chocked up each time the service men and women passed as they carried the American flag. We feel truly blessed to live in this country! We also would get chocked up looking at our two beautiful girls and the traditions we are establishing with them. Lilly loved the parade. She would dance and sing with each group that came by. She was also thrilled with all the candy that was tossed. In fact by the end of the parade she just left some on the ground because she was tired of picking all the candy up!

I also loved the marching bands! There is just something magical about a marching band.

After the parade we walked back home for some lunch and a nap. Well Lilly napped and Ryan and I got ready for the BBQ we were having that night.

After nap time we walked to the park.

Here is Lilly showing off her big sister skills with some help from Ryan.

We had some friends join us for a fabulous BBQ that night. At dusk we walked into town were we had reserved a side of a hill to watch fireworks. Lilly was so tired after her long day of fun but she was also so excited to see the fireworks.

Right before the fireworks started I looked down at Lilly and noticed she was trying to keep her eyes open but it was not working. She even tried to hold them open but fell asleep anyway.

This is how Lilly enjoyed the fireworks asleep on my shoulder.

Zoo Train

Ever since we became members of the Milwaukee County Zoo I have been so excited for the day that we would take Lilly on the train. It just always looked so cute and fun to me and I was sure Lilly would just absolutely love it. Well this is how it went.

Lilly and I waiting for our turn to ride in the train. Lilly was happy and excited!

Ryan and Katelyn waiting for the train.

We got on the train and Lilly started to become unsure of things.

Then Lilly decided she hated to trained and wanted off. This is her reaction when we told it was to late and the train was already moving.

After much talk about how she did not need to be afraid and we got her waving at people she calmed down.

Here is Lilly very happy to be done with the train. So much for trying to do something extra special and fun.

Here is a bonus pictures of Kate enjoying her train ride. She is such a trooper!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well I have been way behind in my blogging. This is I think one of the first times that both Kate and Lilly have been a sleep at the same time. Many of you are probably thinking I should be asleep as well but I have wanted to blog and have not been able to find a spare moment. So here is a review of the month of June.

The birth of Katelyn was so wonderful. At the time I did not understand why I was not going into labor. I had a different plan in my head. Of course as it turns out Katelyn was born at the perfect time. Ryan was still able to keep his studies up, my mom was able to get in town, I taught her how to get to the hospital so she could bring Lilly to see me and many other little things just fell into place. Also with how fast my body progresses through labor it was a good thing I was induced. Coming home was a little scary for me. I was not sure how to take care of two kids. I was great that my mom was there because Ryan really was not able to take much time off school.

Lilly, Katelyn and I all cuddling at home for one of the first times. Lilly is such a great big sister!

It was hard for me to have my mom go back to Utah. But we had some fun times together. Her is Lilly and my mom at the zoo. This was one of our first outings with Katelyn.

Katelyn at about two weeks.

We had a great Fathers Day. Ryan received a MIlwaukee Brewers Dad shirt and a BBQ grill. We had a great BBQ with friends up in Cedarburg. Sorry I did not take many pictures of the BBQ. Here are some of the girls enjoying the BBQ.

Lake Michigan
We have had so much fun hanging out on the shores of Lake Michigan. Lilly loves the water even though it is very cold. Kate loves sleeping and she is really good doing just about anywhere.

So long laundry matt!!!!!!!!!!! The end of June brought our move to Cedarburg. There are so many things I love about living here but having my own washer and dryer is on top of the list!

My girls just hanging out together.

The weekend we moved our little town was having a strawberry festival. The streets were shut down and all difrent vendors sold arts and crafts and all diferent kinds of strawberry treats. This is what Lilly picked.

While life has been crazy lately and I would not trade anything for it. I love being the mom of two beautiful and amazing daughters. I love my new apartment! I love where we live. i love that Ryan is in dental school and that he is doing well. Don't get me wrong things are not perfect but I think we are all just happy! Life is not always happy so I am enjoying this time.