Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Activities

The Saturday before Easter we decided to take Lilly to the zoo to see the Easter Bunny and the animals. Well Lilly did not really care for the Easter Bunny. In fact as soon as we got close to him she started shaking. We did not make her get to close.

Next we headed straight to the elephants. I still can't figure out why she loves the "ella" so much.

This is Lillys new trick. She loves to hang on stuff and swing her legs. She is getting pretty good at it.

Then our friends the Sessions called and invited us to an Easter Egg hunt. So we headed off to the park. Ryan and Lilly were on one side of the field of eggs and I on the other. Lilly tried to cross the field of eggs to get to me. All the other kids thought it was time for the egg hunt to start so we had to keep pulling her back and telling her to wait so the other kids would not go crazy.

Lilly did a great job at gathering eggs and candy.


Erik, Nicole, and Savannah Jane said...

She is just so big and cute! I miss you guys so much. SAvannah did not like the Easter Bunny yo much too. I hope you guys are doing great. Give Lilly a big hung and kiss from us.

the farlanderz said...

Well, it has been too long since we have visited. It is so cool to look back and see all of the fun that your little family is having. (Ryan---I hope school has been kind.) Lilly is so precious. I really enjoyed her vocal debut. Can you believe that the fist year of dental school is almost over!? It has gone by really fast for me. I am going to call you some time soon to get/give a better update. Helene is starting to look quite convex (she is due in July). Talk to yous soon.
We love and miss you guys.
The Farlands.

Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

Love the hanging feature of Lilly. LOL!

Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

Love Lilly's hanging feature, this made me chuckle.